We are here to create opportunities for young talent

Our mission is to create opportunities for young talent to deliver the best work and reach their full potential within the advertising industry.

Through these pitches, we believe that YoungDogs can shape these brands in a tremendous way. Next to the practice of a real pitch, the winners will also be paid in another experience: The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

We believe different perspectives equals growth. We all work for different companies fulltime but rock JongeHonden fulltime plus. We, as board members, get a real kick out of making our future creatives the best creatives yet.

And because of this we’re always on the lookout for nice briefs and cool clients. Contact us if you have any questions on organizing a pitch, throwing a Creative Class or becoming one of our friends. We’re here to help.

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“It’s the weird perspectives, crazy ideas and rebellious souls of young creative minds that will form the future of the creative industry.“

- Jacques Vereecken, Founder


Eoin Cronolly

Eoin Cronolly

Glenn van den Herrewegen

Glenn van de Herrewegen

Arwyn workman youmans

Arwyn Workman-youmans

Stef Dunselman

Stef Dunselman

Karolina chmielewska

Karolina Chmielewska

Margot Corneloup

Margot Corneloup

Tim Teunissen

Tim Teunissen

Mica Moran

Mica Moran

How pitches work

Briefing Night

We ask the client to give a presentation about the brand and the briefing and we ask a befriended agency to give a small inspiration session. At the end of the night we hand out the briefing to the YoungDogs.


On our website we post the briefing so YoungDogs that couldn’t make it to the briefing can still participate.


After one week, YoungDogs can send their first thoughts or questions to the board. This way we can guide them throughout the pitch.


After two weeks the YoungDogs enter their work via their profile on our website before 14:00. In video, jpegs or a PDF.


We ask the client and two or three different Creative Directors to judge the work. The board guides the session but does not participate in the actual judging.

Result Night

YoungDogs have to be present during the result night. 
The judges will announce the top 3. The winners (1st place) get to go to Cannes.