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YoungDogs Portfolio Night!

Dec 16, 2022

By: Tessa Dekeukeleire

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Last week we had another portfolio night. An bi-annual event where our YoungDogs get the chance to speak to and learn from Creative Directors from various agencies.

This year our (our biggest!!) Portfolio night was hosted at Soho house Amsterdam. With about 40 Creative Directors from 20 different agencies, and 50 young creatives the excitement and nerves definitely added to the temperature. But right after the first round conversations were flowing like a river.

Many YoungDogs came to show off their amazing work and to impress the Creative Directors. And others wanted to learn and improve everything they were working on right now. Anyway, the room was filled with creativity and useful feedback and lovely compliments have been given and received!
(And as we've heard some creatives even landed themselves a job 👀.)

Pro-tip: Always come prepared to a portfolio night. Think of what you want to show and tell the Creative Directors. They are there to get to know you and your work, so make use of that opportunity!

Thank you all for coming and see you next time!

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