But first...

By evanota

Belongs to pitch: Nescafe

We all know the famous coffee quote ‘But first coffee!’. It’s everywhere. On our Insta feed, your best friends T-shirt. And your bosses mug. But guys come on, first things first right?

If we always put coffee first, one day there‘ll be no coffee at all.

That’s why we want to start a movement to put the farmers, the planet and the coffee communities first. We have to respect them because without them...
...there will be no more coffee.

We’ll create a webshop filled with a line of ‘but first coffee’ merchandise. Of course all super sustainable. But… with our own statements. So wear or use the merchandise and show some respect.

But… where is all the money going?
Of course to the farmers, the planet and the communities. The fairtrade foundation/Max Havelaar.

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But first...


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