The Anti Campaign; Operation Eurobest.

By niekmulder

Belongs to pitch: Eurobest spoedpitch

The mission

To create a guerrilla campaign for  the Eurobest Creative advertising
awards festival.

The problem

We feel that a guerilla campaign might not be the best way to promote
this festival, however guerilla advertising does fall in favor of the
group of people Eurobest is trying to reach. It is quite an expensive
festival for any young creative (who would benefit from this sort of
festival) and it is this young creative who will notice guerilla
advertising more than anyone else.

Solution: A Mysterious yet
tongue-in-cheek Eurobest guerilla “Anti-campaign”.

The Big Idea
(note before further reading: The slogans or
names in the following explanation are not set in stone, they are
primarily used to illustrate and explain our idea, they can be subject
to change).

We feel that it would be a good idea to divide this campaign into
different phases, And even different “groups”. This is done to bring
more attention to Eurobest, plus to create a hype that there must be
something ridiculously awesome going on at that festival.

Phase One: Propaganda style Eurobest posters.

One night the walls of Amsterdam will be filled with hundreds of eye
catching posters, in the familiar Soviet propaganda style. Next to
putting the posters up at random places it is wise to put a lot up on a
few “hotspots” (areas where the target group can be found a lot). The
posters will show a fist holding the Eurobest Award and pretty
straightforward yet harsh slogans like: “Got what it takes? Attend us
and prevail”. There is absolutely no reference on the posters to what
Eurobest actually is, just the “logo” and the quote. However for the
viewer who’s interest is piqued there is an URL (for example: at the bottom of the page. If the viewer chooses to
visit this site to explore more, he will find a simple page in the
propaganda style which makes reference to Eurobests own website
(highlighted links in a propaganda manifesto). This is the end of phase
one, the most important thing about it is that every street in the
centre of Amsterdam is filled with these posters.

Phase Two: The anti Campaign

In phase one we’ve already filled up the streets with propaganda style
posters. A few days later a lot these posters will be torn down (if not
by the public, then done by us) and new posters are pasted over the
posters from phase one. Posters with slogans like “The revolution will
not be advertised”, “don’t believe the hype”, “creative awards for

We want to make the targeted audience believe that there is some sort of
anti movement against Eurobest. This group is dubbed: “Free Minded
Liberation Front” (FMLF) Their main issue with Eurobest is that
advertising is not necessarily a good thing and that creative work
should be accessible to anyone, not just the rich, basically pretty
standard views for any person who wants to “fight the system”. They are
also not necessarily the good guys nor the bad guys in this campaign,
that is up to the viewer to decide.

These posters also make reference to a website (for instance FMLF.COM)
The site is yet again a simple website but there is a lot more
explanation about what Eurobest really is (may it be in a
tongue-in-cheek derogative manner, but still) and also links through to
the Official Eurobest website. On the site you can also find tips on how
to get into the festival for free, these would just be weird tips to
make sure no one would actually try these things for real. For example:
“take ninja classes to learn the skill of becoming invisible and sneak
past the security”. Or you can download a map of the event location with
markers on them where to get free food, or at what time the guards

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