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Eneco / win-win loyaliteit punten

By Tolga

Belongs to pitch: Eneco

Eneco provides sustainable energy to diverse Dutch clients.

Problem: Eneco experiences turn over when clients switch to other companies in order to receive temporary benefits. Eneco’s previous loyalty incentives were too elaborate and did not reach their customers’ values.

Goal: Create a customer loyalty program that satisfies customers and makes them feel appreciated while decreasing turnover. This new, exciting loyalty program fits diverse customers’ needs, helps Eneco gain new clients and maintain current clients. The “Win-Win loyalty points” campaign entices customers to stay long term with Eneco by offering affordable, sustainable energy plus, additional benefits useful to everyone.

Solution: We’ve created “Win-Win loyalty points” campaign. This customer loyalty program meets the needs for a wide variety of current and future customers. The program helps customers by giving them useful benefits while making them feel valued and understood. Offering annual points upon contract renewal helps Eneco retain long term clients. This way, customers feel that are energy partners with Eneco while they collect points to receive great benefits and save money.

How it works: The Win-Win loyalty points are simple to collect and easy to use. Customers collect points every year they continue with Eneco. Customers can choose from three reward options offering more control and satisfaction over their reward benefits, while making them feel like a valued energy partner. The longer you stay with Eneco, the more points you will collect. This loyalty program allows customers to save money, support sustainable energy and contribute to the environment. First, use green points to receive discounts on energy saving products from the Eneco shop. Second, use points as credit towards your future bill. Third, use points as a donation to an environmental organization or charity.

Media: Promotions for the Win-Win campaign is suitable for multiple formats to highlight the incentives for current customers and entice new clients to become energy partners with Eneco. Email marketing and web, banner ads ensures the campaign reaches past and current clients. Social media and print campaigns will be used to ensure a wide audience reach.

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Eneco / win-win loyaliteit punten


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