Hoort bij de pitch: Vodafone

1. Situation: All of us have many childhood memories, but many of us have lost track of those we grew up with. Vodafone Reunion encourages us to reconnect with those people we share such a crucial part of our lives with.

2. Inspire: Two short documentaries.

- How can the reunions have a technical element? Organise a digital reunion! As a pilot project we will film the reunion of a group of best friends who lost contact since they have spread all over the world.

- Vodafone has helped many elderlies, and with the Reunion Program will continue to do so. Participants of oma-online will meet their former class mates in the very same school they used to go to. This will turn out to be an emotional rendezvous.

3. Activational: Challenge schools to participate in the Reunion Program. Some selected schools are offered support for organising a reunion (food, music, documentation, and of course an app.) A website like (sanoma media) has a huge database, collaboration is an option. But maybe even a new, free and more open platform could be build.

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