VF Earphones

By sannelemmen

Belongs to pitch: Vodafone

“The VF Earphones”

1. Situation
Up to 60% of the teenagers and young adults has experienced an early sign of hearing loss. 18.3% is already diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss. The damage is caused by incorrect use of audio devices, but mostly by being exposed to loud music when visiting concerts, clubs or festivals. The damage often results in a permanent beep, that is so annoying people even commit suicide.

It appears that club and festival visitors are aware of the dangers but are not buying the proper ear protection. Their biggest concern is the plugs interfere with the quality of the music. Their love for music on the other hand does make them want to invest in audio plugs to listen music from their phones.

This is where we see an opportunity for Vodafone. We bring the ‘VF Earphones’ to the market. These are earplugs which you can connect to your phone via a Bluetooth connection. You can listen to music where and whenever you want. Of course optimized to gain the best music quality.

The same plugs you can use when visiting a festival, concert or club but now as ear protection. The plugs are connected with your phone and can therefore be adjusted to the situation you are in. The phone is used to measure the decibels of the music you’re listening to and your ear plugs will automatically adjust to the right filter. This results in an optimal experience of your festival or concert.
For example, when you’re close to the boxes the filter is set to a high level to filter the heaviness of the beat. But when you walk away to the back of the club to get a drink or go to the toilet the filter automatically minimizes. This results in you not having to take out your earplugs to have a conversation. The filter is always on the perfect level for your situation.

To optimize the quality of the music we advise to cooperate with a brand as Beats to make the ‘VF Earphones’. Next to the knowledge they have on making headphones they already have the brand image that appeals to the target group.

We believe that, with youngsters not having to buy separate ear protection, but being able to use their regular earphones, a lot more people will start protecting their ears. And we will contribute to the decrease in the number of hearing loss.

2. Inspire
We make a short film in which we follow a young guy that experiences hearing loss because of previous visits to festivals and clubs. He tells us how the permanent beep in his ears is influencing his daily life. And how he regrets not to have used the proper protection. When we tell him about the new ‘VF Earphones’ and offer him to join him and his friends to a festival to test the earphones he is enthusiastic and curious of what his friends will say about the earphones.

We join the group of friends to the festival and see how they experience the use of the ‘VF Earphones’. And interview a couple of them to see what they like or dislike about the product. We end the movie with the group partying till the end of the night. Of course still wearing the earphones.

3. Activational
The ‘VF Earphones’ are sold in each of the Vodafone stores and promoted on festivals. Next to that we can offer the earphones as a gift to new Vodafone costumers. This could be of assistance to increase sales on the Vodafone You sim cards, since youngsters are an important part of their target audience.

Videos attached to this case:

VF Earphones


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