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We are constantly connected with the people far away, but we forget to connect with the people around us.

We’ve asked our selfs how Vodafone can use their online world to connect people with the offline world around them.

Through a universal language we all share. Music.

Using the collaboration between Vodafone and Napster we connect people through music.

Introducing: Vodafone local radio.

Connecting individual music listeners to each other by giving them the opportunity to narrowcast their music locally, or to join a narrowcast from another person nearby.

This creates an easy accessible way to interact with each other which is the first step to an offline conversation.

Imagine how many beautiful stories are born each day.
On the train from Delft to Amsterdam, Berlin student Erica connects to Dutch entrepreneur Sanne through their shared love for jazz.
Koen connects to Steven and Frank connects to Melanie.

These different stories can be used as branded content.

For the non-vodafone users we create a billboard where you can plug in your headphones to connect to the vodafone local radio.

To encourage connecting through music we create one set of headphones for two people. The four earbuds are connected to one jack-plug.

In the stations we put musicians on the public piano’s. The pianist gets a live feed of notes from a narrowcaster in the crowd. The pianist becomes the live speaker of your Vodafone local radio.

Music brings people together.

When people connect offline, Vodafone makes sure they stay connected online.

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