Amnesty Internationals

By roog09nl

Belongs to pitch: Amnesty International

Putting pressure on the IOC to make sure that the host city is obliged in protecting and respecting the international human rights. Make it clean and uncompromising to share and support worldwide.

Target group
People who love sports. Young and old.

Creative insight
Athletes are people to look up to, especially for people who live in poverty. But major organisations behind events like the Olympics tend to ignore the basic human rights of these particular people. But people who live in poverty tend to be more creative with the means they possess. This results in creative use of leftover materials for sports facilities.

Copy the Olympics, but now the locals are the Olympic Athletes and they use leftover materials from the impact of the real Olympics. But presented with creative way of using the objects. This means positive participation in an initially negative situation.

Amnesty shows that the leftover material can be used in a fun and creative way. A positive promotion of the negative situation.

Pay Off
Go for the draw

The Amnesty Internationals.

The Creative People’s Olympics
These Olympics will be build using construction waste from the ‘real’ olympics. The participants of these olympics are called the Amnesty internationals. In this way they can experience what it’s like to “walk a mile in their idols’ shoes”.

Compilation video
We will make short movies about The Creative People’s Olympics and the preparations. The short movies will be seeded on social media. In the short movies it will be clear how much fun the locals have and how creative their self provided facilities are.

Building materials.
Stadium attributes.
Live coverage of the event.
Compilation video.

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