Cheer louder

By susan_zwijgers

Belongs to pitch: Amnesty International

When the locals in a hosting city speak up for themselves, they aren’t listened to.
At an event like the Olympics we all cheer together to show love and support for the athletics and give them strength.
But there’s is one group who needs this strength and cheering more than ever.
The locals need our cheering to create a louder voice to be heard.

Cheer louder

Cheer louder, for the ones who need a bigger voice to be heard

In an online film we tell the story of a young sport lover from Rio de Janeiro, about his cheers to give his heroes strength.
The viewer identifies with him and his great love for the Olympics, which we all feel.
When he finds out the Olympics will be hosted in his city, he is filled with happiness.
But as the Olympics come closer, he has to give up more than he was willing to.
He has to move out, is exploited when building up the stadiums and slowly all of his dreams start to crush.
When he tries to speak up, no-one is listening.
The cheers he has been giving all of his life for his heroes, he now needs himself.
We need to cheer louder, not only for our sport heroes but also for these local heroes.
To give them strength, and a bigger voice to be heard.

Videos attached to this case:

Cheer louder


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