Knorr & Ster Extra - Knorr Food Flirt

By Raphael

Belongs to pitch: Knorr x Ster Pitch


Everyday mothers struggle with the decision what to cook for dinner. However what ends up on the dinnertable depends on two things. One: what ingredients are already at hand, and two: what’s on offer in the supermarket. How can Knorr help these mothers cook the dishes they love with the ingredients they have? By showing mothers that no matter what’s in their fridge with Knorr there is always a match.


The idea behind the Knorr Food Flirt is based upon the popular Tinder app. And just like Tinder you’re looking for that perfect match. The twist? You’re not looking to hook-up yourself but hook-up one of your ingredients. So select that ingredient that’s looking for a little love, browse through the available matches and (for the love of your food) find that perfect one.

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Knorr Food Flirt


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