Ben & Jerry's - Makes You Wanna Talk With Your Mouth Full

Ben & Jerry's

We were asked to create a social tool using the existing theme: Ben & Jerry's makes you wanna talk with your mouth full!

Ben & Jerry's tastes so good, you'll want to talk about it with your mouth full. Unfortunately, you can't. That's why we decided to give you a second mouth.

While you eat and enjoy your Ben & Jerry's, a second mouth printed on the bottom of the bucket will do the talking for you.

Holding up the bucket in front of your webcam will activate the augmented augmented reality snout. At first it'll have a nice chitchat corresponding with the flavour you're eating, but later on you'll be able to select other talks, or even use text-to-speach to create your own stories.

The augmented reality video-messages will become sharable content. A funny way to wish your friends a happy birthday or to tell your mother you'll be late for dinner.

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BucketBottom Snouts
Augmented Snouts
BucketBottom 1
BucketBottom 2
What can you make the snout say?
Using Facebook, users can share their augmented video-messages

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