Hector Bauza

Hector Bauza


  • Name: Hector Bauza
  • Expertise: Copywriter
  • Buddy: CoenOneVelde

About me

Young Puerto Rican studying copywriting at Miami Ad School. Has done a few internships and was raised in the industry. More than bilingual he is bicultural. Understands and dominates both languages and cultures plus loves the love/hate that is advertising and dedicating your life to it. Could not be happier doing this.

 Love type. Think words are more powerful than images/visuals and that the perfect combination of both is an art very few have mastered. Not shy to say he has a massive man crush on Lee Clow. 

 An extensive knowledge of language is a copywriters best weapon and biggest asset. Not everything that comes out of your mouth is gold. Dont be close-minded and listen to others. Rules I live by.

 Can make killer fried plantains.

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