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Creatief team

  • Name: 2Bananas
  • Expertise: Creatief team
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Site: 2bananasfilm.com
  • Employer: 2Bananas Film

About me

Joanne& Stone were both the kind of kids who asked way too many questions and want to get to the bottom of everything (like, mom, where did I come from, really?!) And this is why they created 2Bananas Film. Before cameras are switched on to recording, they want to first understand the core message that's to be delivered - and how this message can be best received by the clients. "The world is moving too fast that people forget to stop and ask each other what they really want," said Joanne. And although they haven't figured out where they really came from (which sucks), they will always stay humble and curious. The top priority for 2Bananas is to be the most efficient, resourceful and creative storyteller for the clients they work for.


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