Veilig Verkeer Nederland

Deadline: 22 May 2017


Develop a concept/campaign that results in 30.000 downloads of the game bij the targeted groep within the first year after it has been officially launched. It has to be a nation wide campaign. Promotional activities through scools are excluded from this assignment. Because of the high intensity in which the targeted group uses social media, this 'channel' has to be part of the concept which you will develop. 

Besides the concept that you will develop for the promotion of the game, IPO and VVN will organise a national Kick-off of the game, raising as much as media attention as possible. 


Participating dogs

SjorsStroomer ariekevanliere jazztonna HannahMulder SamuelFender jaimyhendrickx Tomas_Lievense Viet_TT Ahorn lisadeneve lottefox prethead Luuk_van_Velthoven robinpoelmann xsabelle jeffry_de_ridder Carlijn juliemeiden SjoerdWingens FelixLeenders coloruben James jessgunn Thomasvandriel JesseVanMaanen RossWeaver


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