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Deadline: 26 Jan 2017


After ending the Hi brand in 2015, we chose a rejuvenation strategy for KPN (without alienating the elderly), to show that the KPN brand is there for young people as well. As KPN we face the challenge to expand our core brand features sound, reliable and qualitative with youthful, aspirational and energetic. We want to reach out to young people and as KPN we want to become more likeable by being present fysically in a proper and relevant way. The festival is one of the places where we can activate and reach young people.


Participating dogs

wlvdm Ryan HannahMulder SamuelFender Sten_ ManonVerdoorn Tomas_Lievense BerberReykers Milan BendeKovel ejmitch Helen Cas ERVIN_CAS Melvin_Sterk TawabG Dieuwertje PattiMaria ThomasAmber Jolien_Ewa justinboot nicktjerks lisawals Luuk_van_Velthoven jeffry_de_ridder LJ LuukSimonse roel Ikbenbarry Randy33 Bonnie_Clyde LunaHuijgen Saar Basdb2 niekvanbeek Daanhaak NTRNS96 marceloz dekeukentafel lisasundberg ilonkavb darylfransz evelienevamaria Mariska_Stapel dorislaging DieuwertjeM MariusJasper Renske_ Raphajel RickGerrits Bobino maxanthony JDV meesubachs SharondeGraaf


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