Deadline: 05 Nov 2015


SURPRISE! It's the KINDER pitch!!!
A really big brief for a really big brand, Kinder sells 3 billion eggs world wide every year. Every year!!! How many little doggies will they have sold? Nobody knows, but we experienced a flood of dogs ourselves last night. Over 140 young creatives attended the brief with Kinder and 72andSunny. And rightly so, because of NDA related matters we're not going to put the brief online. Did you miss the briefing? Send us an email with subject 'surprise, surprise' and you will receive an NDA. Print that thang, sign that thang, scan that thang and email us that thang back and you will receive your brief.

A huge brief, that's why we made it a 3 week pitch. Keep your eye on this event because we'll be posting the signup form for the review sessions real soon. For those who already have a brief, start thinking. You'll need all the time you can get on this beast of a briefing ;)

--- Also because of NDA related matters, the work won't be visible on this page afterwards. For more info keep an eye on the Facebook event :


Participating dogs

tomsippie DiederikMulder JasperKorpershoek BuroBoef NicloeHemma Silvester Harkolive raouldroog robinkolk SebastiaanWitteveen TomKlaver susan_zwijgers JohnMaas Jaspersman Max lisasundberg ilonkavb wlvdm Ryan Basdb2 niekvanbeek ValHuug Extracatrab druivensy mariamandricky pluk49 BaukeBakker GlenndaSilva HesterKlop KlaasVerhoeven Maudi21 TomStumpel madzy maxanthony DjajantHanenberg Helen lesleyjutte Amatsa kajkhan JamieMoodley Barisico JasperK dfransz Mitch05 irisdebruin Joellevdgeest marijnzef kayranzijn fannybellus Saar mghupkens JochemK RENTMEESTERRIET StenSenders Tomas_Lievense


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