Mona brief online! #SWEEEET

Shell wii dew diss wan in Englis as well den? #forLaura

People with handsome tootjes!

Last thursday was the thursday to end all thursdays. Missed it? Too bad. Laura Jordan Bambach inspired us to change the world. Mona told us only to do things that make us happy. And Thomas Daalder and Marleen Geerts won their #first trip to Cannes on the amazing bus of buses. Vodafone was super happy with your ideas. #nophotosonlymemories

Say what? You’d also like to go with us on a bus? Good!

Release your inner child (that still knows how to think of groundbreaking ideas) on the Mona pitch. Create a spreakbird (lecture) for 9-12 year olds that will blow all others away. Think big, on brief, and always speak netjes into the classroom.


Download brief.

Extra information.


Deadline : Thursday March 5th | Upload before 14:00 hrs. 

Afterwards judging will take place @ Brandbase, fingers crossed for you guys.



And of course another round of #CasualReviews. THIS thursday (26th) in Amsterdam between 19:00 & 21:00. Casually casual, a beer, some snacks, and lots of feedback. Big Shot Advertising Heroes that have already earned their stripes, helping you get yours. 

!!!Apply for a spot!!!

Apply BEFORE Wednesday Februari 25th. 

Spots are limited. First come first serve! 

Mail us at



Good luck and see you soon!

- The Management.


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