About JongeHonden

JongeHonden was founded 25 years ago by Jacques Vereecken and Peter van Leeuwen. As young creatives, they wanted to go to the biggest creative event in the world: The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Why was this inspiring place, only meant for creatives that were already in the industry? Young creatives should get the same opportunities, especially because they still need to learn. And where else to learn (and to connect) than at this festival. A place where only the best work and the most creative people were gathered. That’s why they started to organise pitches and make friends, so they could raise the money and to go from Amsterdam to Cannes. The first year by motorcycles, then by bus and now by plane. Read the whole story in Dutch here.

Although we might consider moving to a different creative festival sometime, (let’s be honest, there’s more to see in this world) Cannes is part of our heritage and a big reason for young dogs to join our pitches. To learn from the best, connect to people from the industry for life and most importantly to see how inspiring the creative industry can be.

See here, our last Cannes experience.


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